Meaning of Lawd in English:


Pronunciation /lɔːd/


(also Lawdy)
non-standard spelling of lord, used in representing black speech
‘Good Lawd, Zora!’
  • ‘‘Oh Lawdy Lawdy Lawdy, like we don't have enough in the world to worry about, the magazine just declared a ‘What Do We Call The Next Decade?’’
  • ‘It's from the Land-o'-Goshen school of Biblical oaths, but the expression gives off a whiff of racist stereotypes - big-eyed Mammy with her hands a'flutterin: Lawdy Massy Me!’
  • ‘He rose to fame in June 1958 when his debut single, Lawdy Miss Clawdy, sold more than 100,000 copies and made him the first Kiwi recording artist to achieve a gold record.’