Meaning of lawfully in English:


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  • In a way that conforms to or is permitted or recognized by the law.

    ‘he was deemed to have acted lawfully and was not prosecuted’
    • ‘the recording had been lawfully obtained’
    • ‘The group will strengthen monitoring functions to ensure its companies are conducting all their operations lawfully.’
    • ‘The men claim they were not obliged to comply with requests that had not been lawfully issued following a board meeting.’
    • ‘The bailiff in this case was acting lawfully.’
    • ‘Before military action can lawfully be undertaken against Iraq, the security council must have indicated its clearly expressed assent.’
    • ‘Do you, William, take Elizabeth to be your lawfully wedded wife?’
    • ‘The judge's edict that all copies be returned or destroyed has annoyed many, especially since they were lawfully obtained.’
    • ‘In this case, the outcome of the appeal does not depend upon whether the employers were or were not entitled lawfully to terminate the contract without notice.’
    • ‘The job cuts were done fairly and lawfully, based on legitimate business reasons.’
    • ‘Everyone has got the right to protest but it has to be done peacefully and lawfully.’
    • ‘They can demand the owner prove it was acquired lawfully.’



/ˈlɔːfʊli/ /ˈlɔːfəli/