Meaning of lawmaking in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɔːˌmeɪkɪŋ/


  • Relating to or responsible for the making of laws.

    ‘a regional lawmaking body’
    • ‘the lawmaking power of the courts’
    • ‘Police may not arrest him without a majority approval by the lawmaking body.’
    • ‘The next Administration must think carefully about how to reintroduce legitimacy into the role of the United States in the international lawmaking process.’
    • ‘In issuing the order, the President has pushed his lawmaking powers beyond their limits.’
    • ‘Throughout the decades, Congress has given away its lawmaking powers.’
    • ‘The problem is due in large measure to the inadequate effectiveness of the lawmaking activities of government bodies.’
    • ‘Any scholar wishing to understand the future lawmaking challenges facing this African state would be well-advised to read this book.’
    • ‘These senators were supposed to act as a single lawmaking unit, never disagreeing with each other and such.’
    • ‘Their actions show a moral courage that we were beginning to think was wholly absent from what is probably one of the most venal lawmaking bodies in history.’
    • ‘Special focus would be given to strengthening lawmaking systems and processes, policy development, assessment of implementation capacity, oversight and accountability.’
    • ‘Actual implementation does require action by some lawmaking authority - city council, county board, state legislature.’


mass noun
  • The making of laws; legislation.

    ‘the responsibility of lawmaking’
    • ‘criteria for judicial lawmaking’
    • ‘The Queen Anne's Act was a brilliant and amazingly durable piece of lawmaking, requiring a sophisticated conception of what constitutes creative work or product of the mind.’
    • ‘There is a limit to judicial lawmaking.’
    • ‘Federalism is an important element of the Constitution, but it is no insuperable barrier to federal lawmaking.’
    • ‘The organization's lawyers are generally not allowed to influence rulemaking by administrative agencies or lawmaking by legislatures.’
    • ‘Congress has fostered presidential lawmaking by acquiescence.’
    • ‘Supreme Court Justices are ultimate lawmakers under our Constitution, for they can overturn the lawmaking of all others.’
    • ‘The government has handed the responsibility of lawmaking to unelected judges.’
    • ‘Special interests, primarily those with a pro-business viewpoint, have long dominated lawmaking in this city.’
    • ‘This bill is not responsible lawmaking.’
    • ‘The king will appoint one of the houses of the bicameral legislature, allowing him to control lawmaking.’