Meaning of lawn bowling in English:

lawn bowling



North American
  • A game played with heavy balls, the object of which is to propel one's ball so that it comes to rest as close as possible to a previously bowled small ball (the jack); bowls. It is played chiefly out of doors (although an indoor version is also popular) on a closely trimmed lawn called a green.

    British term bowls

    ‘Because of the heat, the lawn bowling was delayed until later, while the darts and pool competitions were played down to the final stages.’
    • ‘The Bowling Green is also starting a lawn bowling league, commencing in May.’
    • ‘The Lions Club had also planned to hold a lawn bowling competition prior to the party but unfortunately they had to cancel this because of heavy rain.’
    • ‘Later on, a carefree lawn bowling picnic nearly turns into an ugly brawl.’
    • ‘There are many activities that the pub participates in, including a lawn bowling team.’
    • ‘An English game called lawn bowling originated over 800 years ago and was strictly an outdoor game.’
    • ‘The Italian sport of bocce, lawn bowling with heavy metal balls, is a popular pastime.’
    • ‘Military families took part in 5 main sporting categories including 7-a-side football, lawn bowling, mountain bike races, and other ball games.’
    • ‘More than 300 people involved in education participated in the sports, which consisted of football, running races, Thai lawn bowling and a tug of war.’
    • ‘You also described 5 pin bowling as being akin to lawn bowling, with the ball being palmed.’
    • ‘The players are decked out in neat white outfits and unheeled shoes - unlike tennis, which has become flashy and polycolored, lawn bowling has remained traditional.’
    • ‘They say things like: ‘What, lawn bowling, a blonde like you?’’
    • ‘For nearly a decade, I've boycotted the world's biggest motor racing event, as even senior ladies' lawn bowling has made for a livelier spectator sport.’
    • ‘Not voting, but more fun than lawn bowling probably.’
    • ‘The fields would be developed to accommodate tennis, roller hockey, lacrosse, lawn bowling, field hockey and other sports.’
    • ‘Other popular sports include tennis, lawn bowling, skiing, and curling.’
    • ‘The site will house an ice rink, fitness and youth centres, a gym, outdoor tennis and lawn bowling and an aquatics facility.’
    • ‘Models knit to pass the time backstage at catwalk shows and funky youngsters go lawn bowling of a Sunday afternoon’
    • ‘Activities like lawn bowling and golf were also becoming popular, and required a strong turf to play on.’
    • ‘From a modern perspective it is hard to imagine how a sport like lawn bowling could threaten social order.’