Meaning of lay aside in English:

lay aside

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phrasal verb

lay something aside, lay aside something
  • 1Put something to one side.

    ‘he laid aside his book’
    • ‘the situation gave them a good reason to lay aside their differences’
    • ‘If ethnic differences are laid aside, it is likely the issue of religious observance that will keep Afghanistan's rulers busy for some time to come.’
    • ‘By the time we lay the book aside, we have witnessed an extraordinary reversal.’
    • ‘After and only after both players have picked, they may take pairs of cards of the same rank from their hands and lay them aside to count toward their score.’
    • ‘Rraerch had laid her glass aside and was leaning toward me.’
    • ‘The mother, never idle, lays her workbox aside and throws her sewing work over the arm of her chair to listen solicitously as her daughter recites a passage from the Bible.’
    • ‘After a while you lay the polio aside and kind of forget about it.’
    • ‘Everyone thought he was kidding until, at the height of his fame, he laid his camera aside to concentrate on painting and drawing.’
    • ‘‘Coming,’ he called, laying his laptop aside; taking long strides towards the door and opening it.’
    • ‘All jokes are laid aside and the two at last reconcile themselves about the accident.’
    • ‘He lays the paper aside, and adds with a smile and a note of resignation, ‘I'm still trying to do all that.’’
    • ‘‘I see,’ the judge said, laying the scroll aside.’
    • ‘She reminds him to lay his anger aside and listen to Theseus, who wishes to allow Polyneices' request to be granted.’
    • ‘The composer was never quite satisfied with it, however, and after a tentative revision, he lay the work aside.’
    defer, shelve, hold over, suspend, put on ice, mothball, set aside, put off, put aside, put out of one's mind, wave aside, put back, adjourn
    1. 1.1Reserve money for the future or for a particular cause.
      ‘he begged them to lay something aside towards the cause’
      • ‘For homeowners it means paying off the mortgage slower, or reducing their ability to lay money aside for retirement.’
      • ‘Prompt treatment is vital for the well-being of your pets, so ensure you can afford to lay money aside for contingencies such as these.’
      • ‘She has laid aside a little sum, but her long expensive illness takes her last dollar.’
      put aside, put to one side, keep, save, store, hold in abeyance