Meaning of lay claim to in English:

lay claim to


  • 1Assert that one has a right to (something)

    ‘four men laid claim to the leadership’
    • ‘Four young sisters have laid claim to being Bolton's most musical family after two of them landed places in national orchestras.’
    • ‘He bravely handled the pressure, stringing four flawless racks to lay claim to victory and the US $75,000 first-place check.’
    • ‘Japan has laid claim to all the islands seized by Soviet troops at the end of World War II but Russia maintains the issue only involves part of them.’
    • ‘So 2 percent of the people are laying claim to 10 percent of the coastline; where is the justice in that?’
    • ‘The Portuguese were, unlike the other European imperial powers in laying claim to what were in effect not rights of property but rights to use.’
    • ‘Perhaps a jealous third party, who previously had owned and photographed this object, was laying claim to it now that it carried a high estimate in the catalogue.’
    • ‘Because his own title to the crown was doubtful, he laid claim to that of France.’
    1. 1.1Assert that one possesses (a skill or quality)
      ‘she has never laid claim to medical knowledge’
      • ‘In seeking to define himself as Australia's next leader, he lays claim to possessing a key quality he reveres.’
      • ‘Other religious systems may also lay claim to some of these qualities, but not to the totality of these.’
      • ‘No, he possesses the real genius that only our greatest comedians can lay claim to.’
      • ‘They laid claim to medical expertise as psychiatrists, and urged that patients be treated in clinics and private practices in the early stages of their illness.’
      • ‘Please feel free to point out any factual inaccuracies - I am well aware that there are many folks around with more knowledge of this subject than I could possibly lay claim to.’
      • ‘Certainly I am still early in my aikido development - I am a sandan, and lay claim to no special level of skill or talent.’
      • ‘I find it amusing that so many actresses and models lay claim to one or more of these attributes.’
      • ‘We were led by Stephanie, who grew coffee in Kona and thus lays claim to more coffee knowledge than the rest of us combined.’
      • ‘Begging doesn't suit him, but honor is something he no longer lays claim to.’
      • ‘One thing that is worse than doing things badly is doing things badly and laying claim to 100 percent purity and clean, greenness.’