Meaning of lay hands on in English:

lay hands on

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(also lay one's hands on)
  • 1Find and take possession of.

    ‘they huddled trying to keep warm under anything they could lay hands on’
    • ‘I would spend as much time as I possibly could tucked away in different corners of the house reading pretty much anything I could lay my hands on on the subject.’
    • ‘As soon as I could walk I started to draw on anything with everything I could lay my hands on: walls, furniture, nothing was safe for me.’
    • ‘In short, your business is far from being destroyed if you manage to lay your hands on this membership.’
    obtain, acquire, get, come by, find, locate, discover, unearth, uncover, bring to light, run to earth, turn up, pick up, come up with, secure, procure, hit on, ferret out, get one's hands on, encounter, get possession of, buy, purchase
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  • 2Place one's hands on or over, especially in confirmation, ordination, or spiritual healing.

    ‘at the healing service, the clergy offered to lay hands on anyone who wished it’
    • ‘It is still used in the ceremony of confirmation, where a bishop, priest, or minister lays hands on the confirmand and prays for them to receive the Holy Spirit.’
    • ‘He asked for prayer and the brother complied, laying hands on him and asking God to anoint him so that he might lay hands on his friend for healing.’
    • ‘Only two out of the six churches I’ve served since 1981 felt the freedom and the need to lay hands on people and pray for healing.’
    • ‘Myself and another lady laid our hands on the spot that hurts him the most and prayed for him on Sunday.’
    bless, consecrate
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