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lay into

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phrasal verb

  • lay into someoneAttack someone violently with words or blows.

    • ‘three youths laid into him’
    • ‘After seeing the error of their comrades, the three armed men advanced more cautiously towards Erik, attempting to surround him first before they laid into their attack.’
    • ‘He was astounded when the journalist unexpectedly exploded into violence, laying into a passer-by larking about for the camera.’
    • ‘She laid into the companies that pitched for funds on the programme, saying she had only gone on the show to promote her business.’
    • ‘He lays into the Ulster Scots movement arguing that in over identifying with a Scottish rather than an Irish cultural idiom, they are reinforcing the otherness of Ulster Protestants.’
    • ‘They all surrounded him and started laying into him with sticks and that.’
    • ‘I hear that the papers have been laying into it, saying what a pile of rubbish it was.’
    • ‘The former boxer was driving past the station in the High Road when he came across six teenagers laying into another youngster.’
    • ‘Our concern was for the five junior members of our party and whether a lack of laid-on amusements would lead to them laying into each other.’
    • ‘He was very, very aggressive and really laying into my car.’
    attack, assail, hit, strike, let fly at, tear into, lash out at, set upon, fall on, turn on, assault, beat, thrash, pound, pummel, wallop, hammer, pounce on, round on, pelt, drub
    criticize harshly, castigate, censure, lambast, harangue, condemn, pillory, rant at, rave at
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