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lay off

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phrasal verb

  • 1lay someone off, lay off someoneDischarge a worker temporarily or permanently because of economic conditions or shortage of work.

    ‘the company has laid off 30 per cent of its staff’
    • ‘This isn't the first time (and unlikely to be the last), but a group of striking workers in Korea have been laid off by text message by their employer.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, her co-workers at the hotel told her that the next day two new workers were hired to do the same job she had been laid off from.’
    • ‘His wife, a former textile worker, took care of him and his son when he was laid off from his factory.’
    • ‘If you remain with the company, what are the chances you will be laid off?’
    • ‘The bodyguards at the headquarters in Sofia have been laid off, and 30 luxury limousines have been sold.’
    • ‘As many as 50 staff in York could be laid off in the management ranking process, as the company cuts up to 700 jobs nationally.’
    • ‘But after six months, she was laid off as business slowed down.’
    • ‘My best friend's husband got laid off, which I knew.’
    • ‘When I got laid off in January, I decided to start cooking once more.’
    • ‘If something goes wrong, if somebody gets laid off, if you have a child that gets sick, you go right off the cliff.’
    dismiss, let go, discharge, give notice to, pay off, release
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  • 2also lay off something informal Give up or stop doing something.

    • ‘I laid off smoking for seven years’
    • ‘lay off—he's not going to tell you’
    • ‘In her defense, laying off the booze would mean seeing him sober…’
    • ‘Now I'm doing an Amber and trying to quit the fags - my immune system is shot and laying off the smokes should help a bit.’
    • ‘I’m also trying to lay off the dairy after a week of upset stomach.’
    give up, stop, refrain from, abstain from, not continue, desist from, leave alone, cut out
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  • 3lay something off, lay off somethingSoccer
    Pass the ball to a teammate.

    ‘Jules laid the ball off to the striker’
    • ‘No forward likes to have someone on top of them, they just end up laying the ball off with passes.’
    • ‘He lays the ball off to Heskey, who drives a useless cross against the legs of the nearest Swedish defender.’
    • ‘They passed to each other, they ran past each other, they laid the ball off to each other.’
    • ‘The second red should have been for an elbow to the head after he'd laid the ball off.’
    • ‘The 20-year-old opened the scoring in the 27th minute when he intelligently held the ball up before laying it off for Sunderland's talismanic midfielder.’
  • 4lay something off, lay off somethingPaint the final layer on a wall or other surface.

    ‘lay off the paint with very light brush strokes’
    • ‘When you get good at this, you can quickly reverse each consecutive pass to lay the paint off in one direction.’
    • ‘When it comes to laying the paint off to ensure no brush marks are left behind I always use the following analogy when training people to paint’
    • ‘After applying by roller, laying off the paint with a brush or pad will give you an improved finish.’
  • 5lay something off, lay off something(of a bookmaker) insure against a loss resulting from a large bet by placing a similar bet with another bookmaker.

    ‘the only way the dividends could possibly make sense was if the bookmaker had laid off the bet’
    • ‘Any sensible fella would have laid the bet off by now, guaranteeing him a fair wedge.’
    • ‘Even then you had to wait whilst he phoned and laid the bet off before they accepted it.’
    • ‘This scenario will happen to you and the trick is to accept it, lay the bet off and accept a small loss and then move onto your next trade.’