Meaning of lay reader in English:

lay reader


  • (in the Anglican Church) a layperson licensed to preach and to conduct some religious services, but not licensed to celebrate the Eucharist.

    ‘A lay reader in the Episcopal Church, Wilbur has said that most of what he knows of scripture comes through exposure to the Book of Common Prayer.’
    • ‘He was also a lay reader in the Church of England and preached regularly.’
    • ‘And in Chipping, lay readers and retired clergy have been conducting services with volunteers helping to co-ordinate weddings.’
    • ‘Chaplains may encourage service members to participate as lay readers, choir members, Eucharistic ministers, and ushers, as well as in other roles.’
    • ‘It has many Ministers of the Eucharist, lay readers and people who wish to help in other ways to make the church a place of sanctity and praise and a place of which the community can feel justly proud.’
    • ‘He was a lay reader at St Barnabas Church, Shore, and St James Church, Calderbrook and had done voluntary work at Buckley Hall Prison.’
    • ‘He had been a lay reader in the Church of England for more than 40 years, working in recent years in the Coxwold and Husthwaite area.’
    • ‘A woman who was a lay reader in the Church of England thanked him for showing her that there was something she could do to protect her colleagues.’
    • ‘I remember reading the Bible to my blind grandfather who had been a lay reader in the church.’
    • ‘Though pastors and educated lay readers will find it accessible, the text is intended for an academic, rather than an ecclesiastical, audience.’
    • ‘It was also a tough day for future lay readers: all those forbidding names - Parthians, Elamites, Mesopotamians, Cappadocians, Phrygians, Pamphyilians - that whole crowd.’
    • ‘Filled with useful information and sparkling wit, it will provide scientists, theologians, and lay readers the opportunity to think in fresh ways about God, Christianity, and evolution.’
    • ‘MacKenzie describes how English Protestantism and English Catholicism perceived and treated the lay reader / interpreter differently.’
    • ‘The lay reader said, ‘And now we will read the Psalm responsively.’’
    • ‘The following are the lay readers at masses in the Church of the Holy Rosary, Castlebar for Sunday October 6.’
    • ‘The following are the lay readers for Sunday, November 24 next in the Church of the Holy Rosary, Castlebar.’
    • ‘Dad was a lay reader in the Russian Orthodox church.’
    • ‘Her husband is a lay reader for the Roman Catholic church.’
    • ‘After retirement they moved to upper Wharfedale, where she was a lay reader and her husband was ordained to the non-stipendiary ministry.’
    • ‘At St Philip's Church he was a former trustee, vicar's warden and a lay reader.’