Meaning of lay someone open to in English:

lay someone open to


  • Expose someone to the risk of (something)

    ‘his position could lay him open to accusations of favouritism’
    • ‘The public must realise all surgical procedures carry risks and having plastic surgery lays them open to all of these.’
    • ‘Privacy campaigners say the system lays you open to permanent surveillance.’
    • ‘If asked I would certainly refuse to rub down women because it lays you open to allegations of assault.’
    • ‘Because I think it lays us open to the suggestion that we were avoiding them, and I think that is unwise.’
    • ‘Spotlighting their demands and various forms of activism, it also lays them open to the charge of providing a pretext for foreign intervention in their domestic affairs.’
    • ‘Or do all such systems lay you open to spontaneous global chatting?’
    • ‘His accuser is a former drinking and gambling mate, whose allegations have laid him open to prosecution.’
    • ‘Her denials may have worked technically but laid her open to ridicule.’
    • ‘I gather too they were somewhat concerned by your argument that taking the case on a no-win, no-fee basis lays them open to a counter-suit from you’