Meaning of lay something bare in English:

lay something bare

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  • Bring something out of concealment; expose something.

    ‘the sad tale of failure was laid bare’
    • ‘Much of its former usages were laid bare for exhibitions.’
    • ‘The ‘chilling’ methods used by tobacco companies to market cigarettes were laid bare today as thousands of previously confidential papers were published on the internet.’
    • ‘It left me exposed, like my heart was laid bare before him.’
    • ‘In this fashion, the whole of our belief system and our culture is laid bare and destroyed.’
    • ‘The ‘appalling’ state of a crisis-hit council's finances were laid bare yesterday, amid warnings that most services faced swingeing cuts.’
    • ‘They said they hoped to make the specialist worker's appointment a permanent one after the scale of the problem was laid bare by police figures.’
    • ‘The carnage of a motorcycle crash will be laid bare before bikers when they are given the chance to see the gruesome results.’
    • ‘On the new timescale, the truth about the truth is laid bare.’
    • ‘Check out the back pages of any glossy magazine and the dream is laid bare.’
    • ‘Thanks to all of you, whatever your persuasion, politics or faction, for your dedication to stripping down the issues and occasionally laying them bare.’
    reveal, disclose, divulge, show, expose, exhibit, bring to light, uncover, unveil, unmask, manifest, express, highlight, pinpoint, put the spotlight on, betray, give away, smoke out, let slip, blurt out, publish, acknowledge, make a clean breast of, make known, make public
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