Meaning of lay the ghost in English:

lay the ghost


(also lay a ghost)
  • 1Exorcise a ghost.

    ‘Mick said there were stories of various attempts to lay the ghost.’
    • ‘And perhaps some form of exorcism or " laying the ghost ".’
    1. 1.1Finally cease to be troubled by the memory of an unpleasant situation or event.
      ‘we need to lay the ghost of the past and move ahead’
      • ‘The army prided itself in re-establishing its deterrence over Hamas, laying the ghosts of Lebanon in 2006.’
      • ‘Cougars are out for revenge against Sheffield Eagles on Sunday - to lay the ghosts of last year's nightmare defeats.’
      • ‘Perhaps incorporating the brand in staffing will lay the ghost to rest.’
      • ‘Valentukevicius, however, wants to lay the ghosts of the war to rest forever.’
      • ‘British Airways wants to lay the ghost of the victorious unofficial walkouts by check-in staff in July 2003.’
      • ‘As long as it persists, Japan will never lay the ghost of its past.’
      • ‘Can it lay the ghost of the Roman imperium and become something other than a male gerontocracy?’
      • ‘Having eaten and rested it was time once again to lay the ghosts to rest and pay respects to the many Germans who had fallen in the desert.’
      • ‘I think, accordingly, the best thing for me to do is, to sit down and lay the ghost by writing out my story.’
      • ‘Claire after winning € 20,000 on a lottery ticket heads off to Greece with her young daughter to lay the ghosts of her past to rest.’