Meaning of lazily in English:


Pronunciation /ˈleɪzɪli/

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  • 1In a manner that shows an unwillingness to exert oneself physically.

    ‘he had been lounging lazily on a large rock’
    • ‘she yawned lazily in the luxurious comfort of her bed’
    • ‘The woman repairs her face in a compact and sees the lazily sprawled man as a reflection.’
    • ‘The children play happily while the old man lazily sleeps.’
    • ‘At other tables, several pasty-faced types in puffed-out shirts lazily gorged themselves on cruisers ' cuisine.’
    • ‘Occasionally, a few dancers will recline on the floor, propping up a head with a hand, to wait and gaze lazily, before moving on.’
    • ‘The animals either graze lazily or, in the case of the pigs, wait as the acorns fall into their mouths.’
    • ‘Various passersby lazily walk with muddy shoes over the floor he has just cleaned, and do not even notice him.’
    • ‘He fritters away his golden days lazily.’
    • ‘Yet the choreographer, while living a little lazily in the Russian-American's shadow, had areas of choreographic eloquence that matched, and some would say surpassed, him.’
    • ‘She stretches herself lazily, ready for her night's rest.’
    • ‘Smaller groups of gulls floated lazily on the surface.’
    1. 1.1With a lack of care or concern.
      ‘they lazily accepted his assertion’
      • ‘you lazily assume that democracies are Western’
      • ‘Introspective female singer-songwriters of a certain ilk are usually, lazily, matched up against Joni Mitchell.’
      • ‘The wall-of-sound of guitars and drums sounds merely like ornament to a lazily crafted song.’
      • ‘They're big huge rock stars who don't stoop to reading my lazily written, wildly inaccurate little website.’
      • ‘The movie is too poorly written and lazily shot to be redeemed by great performances.’
      • ‘The main character, a lazily dressed failed novelist, who can't find his "voice," writes the obituary column for a London newspaper.’
      • ‘It is true that we are currently competing, lazily, on price point alone.’
      • ‘She lazily dilutes her dotted rhythms in the song into triplets.’
      • ‘The film continues to strain credibility at every opportunity as well as lazily resorting to cliche.’
      • ‘Some characters get lazily defined by comical accents.’
      • ‘The book just seems a little lazily put together.’
    2. 1.2Slowly.
      ‘the river meanders lazily through willow-lined embankments’
      • ‘cotton from the trees drifted lazily in the heavy air’
      • ‘Closing with the sound of lazily crashing waves in the distance, the album comes full circle.’
      • ‘The transportation gates spin lazily, giving the setting an otherworldly vibe.’
      • ‘The movie begins with the camera drifting lazily from left to right across the skyline of the city.’
      • ‘Soap bubbles come out of the tap in her apartment and drift lazily towards her.’
      • ‘White snowflakes drift lazily in front of a piercing black sky.’
      • ‘A gauze curtain rustles lazily in the half-open window.’
      • ‘The camera, when not stationary, pans lazily, allowing us to take in the landscape's breadth.’
      • ‘Ancient-seeming creatures - oceangoing sunfish, triggerfish, bulbous carp - swim lazily among the buildings.’
      • ‘The performers hopped on skateboards and lazily circled the theater risers.’
      • ‘Smoke was curling lazily from one of three chimneys.’