Meaning of LDR in English:


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  • A long-distance relationship.

    • ‘I was in an LDR with a guy in a different country’
    • ‘I've been with my sweetie for three and a half years, with a two-year LDR stint in the middle.’
    • ‘People will argue that LDRs are unrealistic because your time together is "always the honeymoon."’
    • ‘A successful LDR has to have trust, as you know, and plenty of it.’
    • ‘It does bear noting that the information age has made LDRs both easier and more difficult.’
    • ‘LDRs are tough, and the 8 hour time-difference makes it very difficult to schedule phone calls.’
    • ‘He bought me a diamond necklace for Valentine's Day and, when we were involved in our own LDR, used to spend hours composing witty emails.’
    • ‘Characteristic of our LDR,my boyfriend would not be attending, but instead watching the show at his home in Victoria.’
    • ‘It's hard to avoid jealousy in LDRs.’
    • ‘I wasn't crazy about it, but willing to try an LDR.’
    • ‘Of course, anyone in an LDR will tell you that the fun weekends together come at a cost that surpasses the currency spent to facilitate each visit.’
    • ‘I was in an LDR for over a year and a half.’
    • ‘When you're in an LDR, especially in college when you don't know when you'll see each other next, all break-up-etiquette is off.’


1980s abbreviation.