Meaning of lead from the front in English:

lead from the front


  • Take an active role in what one is urging and directing others to do.

    ‘in his two appearances as captain, he led from the front’
    • ‘He was good to have on your side and a great captain who led from the front.’
    • ‘He has grown into the role as captain of the club he clearly loves and leads from the front.’
    • ‘He leads from the front which is what a good captain should do and he is very good at taking care of the younger players.’
    • ‘Needless to say, he has also established himself as a successful captain who leads from the front.’
    • ‘The chief executive believes in leading from the front.’
    • ‘Both she and her husband are role models in their respective ways and should lead from the front.’
    • ‘He led from the front and was never found wanting.’
    • ‘Years after its formation, the association has led from the front in introducing various programmes for protecting the river.’
    • ‘Unlike many leaders, he led from the front rather than from behind.’
    • ‘He leads from the front and will not accept anything but total commitment; other players respond to that.’