Meaning of lead in one's pencil in English:

lead in one's pencil


  • Vigour or energy, especially sexual energy in a man.

    • ‘Hot Springs water will put lead in your pencil!’
    • ‘I think the English equivalent is - ‘it puts lead in your pencil’.’
    • ‘Now we really will see if Gordon has any lead in his pencil.’
    • ‘A third term with a decent majority is really going to put lead in his pencil.’
    • ‘In other words - eat meat and it'll put lead in your pencil.’
    • ‘Indeed, there's no way of showing the lead in your pencil quite like a forced merger.’
    • ‘Who is responsible for the lack of lead in his pencil?’
    • ‘Yep those Oysters really put lead in your pencil.’
    • ‘That was just so I wouldn't be hit on by every Tom, Dick and Harry with an accounting degree and lead in his pencil.’
    • ‘The old dog's still got some lead in his pencil.’
    • ‘I gathered snake was one of those foods thought to put lead in the old pencil.’