Meaning of lead someone by the nose in English:

lead someone by the nose


  • Control someone totally, especially by deceiving them.

    • ‘the government has been led by the nose by the timber trade so that it suppressed the report’
    • ‘As the two start to get drunk, Robby loses what little willpower he has been able to muster (why he is so weak is also unexplained by the film) and Shane leads him by the nose into disaster.’
    • ‘And what's more, we don't need a politician to lead us by the nose through the ins and outs of what happens when a country is in the process of being colonised and asset stripped.’
    • ‘Many Europeans, in a way Americans find impossible to understand, are willing to let their elites lead them by the nose.’
    • ‘Mr Blair… is expected to lead Britain by the nose into the single currency.’
    • ‘If there are impressionable folks out there looking for a guru to lead them by the nose, there are worse people they could latch onto.’
    • ‘On this one the military are being led by the nose by the politicians.’