Meaning of lead someone to the altar in English:

lead someone to the altar


  • Marry someone.

    ‘Having done this, they were led to the altar, made oblations there, and ‘returned to themselves.’’
    • ‘But it was their impromptu meeting at a Caribbean Cup match at the Arima Velodrome in 1997 which eventually led them to the altar on January 2, 1999.’
    • ‘Then, a few scenes later, we see him smiling through his tears as he leads her to the altar.’
    • ‘If true love is all we have to lead us to the altar, then marriage is surely a dying tradition.’
    • ‘He put the ring on her finger, then stood up and took her hand and lead her to the altar, which was actually the podium.’
    be married to, get married to, marry, be wed to, take as one's husband, take as one's wife, lead to the altar