Meaning of lead someone up the garden path in English:

lead someone up the garden path

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(also lead someone down the garden path)
  • Give someone misleading clues or signals.

    • ‘in a crime novel, the reader has to be led up the garden path’
    • ‘He said the people of Achill had been led up the garden path on the scheme.’
    • ‘And if I've led you up the garden path just to give you a silly acronym by which to remember something simple and obvious, I'm sorry.’
    • ‘No doubt there were angry phone calls last week from those writers who may have felt the company had led them up the garden path with its hints and spin.’
    • ‘She shouldn't have led her up the garden path.’
    • ‘The man may have led her up the garden path, but why did she let him do it?’
    • ‘She leads him up the garden path and into an increasingly messy saga of sex, lies and videotape.’
    • ‘It's very hard to convince a customer that the accountant is leading them up the garden path.’
    • ‘Ministers were last night accused of leading Leeds down the garden path over its doomed Supertram project.’
    • ‘The poor man is left wondering whether he was led up the garden path only to find out there is no free lunch in the offing.’
    • ‘The only person who led the Prime Minister down the garden path was the Prime Minister himself.’
    deceive, mislead, lead on, delude, hoodwink, dupe, trick, ensnare, entrap, tempt, entice, allure, lure, beguile, tantalize, tease, frustrate, flirt with, inveigle, seduce, take in, fool, pull the wool over someone's eyes, gull
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