Meaning of leaf bud in English:

leaf bud


  • A bud on a plant from which a leaf develops.

    ‘it should be pruned in early spring just before the leaf buds begin to swell’
    • ‘Each dot of a hatchling makes an epic crawl under the loose bark until she comes to a leaf bud.’
    • ‘When leaf buds open, they are distorted or fail to fully open, giving an appearance of rosettes.’
    • ‘The newer growth on some of the shrubs is looking decidedly green as the sap begins to stir and there are leaf buds all over.’
    • ‘A bee-pollinated basswood can flower a month or more after the leaf buds have opened, when bee populations peak in late summer.’
    • ‘It would take an extremely hard frost to kill back the branches to any extent, though the leaf buds would be more easily damaged.’