Meaning of leaf monkey in English:

leaf monkey


  • A leaf-eating arboreal Asian monkey that is related to the langurs.

    Genus Presbytis, family Cercopithecidae: several species

    ‘The white-bellied woodpecker, banded leaf monkey, cream-colored giant squirrel, and many tree species are all represented by just a handful of individuals.’
    • ‘Species such as the banded leaf monkey and the cream-coloured giant squirrel have lost so many of their numbers that they will likely become extinct in a few decades - hence the term ‘living dead.’’
    • ‘Only the sequences from species for which multiple sequences were cloned (human, orangutan, rhesus, leaf monkey, and guereza) were input as data.’
    • ‘Long-tailed macaque monkeys and silver leaf monkeys are ever-present.’
    • ‘Three species of baboons and several large leaf monkeys are recognized.’