Meaning of leaf vegetable in English:

leaf vegetable


  • A plant whose leaves are eaten as a vegetable.

    ‘kale is one of the most nutritious leaf vegetables you can grow’
    • ‘Some known examples that interact with warfarin include aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin K, some types of tea, and green leaf vegetables.’
    • ‘During the time of the Romans, people selected the progenitor of the modern beet from a wild Mediterranean plant to use as a leaf vegetable.’
    • ‘Spinach is a desirable leaf vegetable with good cooking qualities and a high nutritive value.’
    • ‘My canteen tray was loaded with a chicken wrap with some exotic leaf vegetable I'd never heard of.’
    • ‘Cabbage is the only leaf vegetable that stores well long after harvest, and it's packed with vitamin C and fiber.’