Meaning of leafless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈliːflɪs/

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See leaf

‘There are tables and chairs for the notional interiors; the stark silhouettes of leafless trees are picked out against white walls; at one end some wooden frames denote an old, abandoned silver mine.’
  • ‘It was perhaps a natural thought that the approach of winter should drive the shivering, hungry ghosts just like the cattle from the bare fields and leafless woods into the warm cottages.’
  • ‘In Germany huge swathes of the Black Forest died, leaving the stark outlines of leafless conifers in place of the formerly rich vegetation.’
  • ‘Here, the stark, leafless trees are showing their first spring life, thrusting forth buds of triumphant red.’
  • ‘The trees were bare and leafless, but the snow made them a sight for sore eyes.’