Meaning of leaker in English:


Pronunciation /ˈliːkə/


See leak

‘Step 2 was to accuse the administration of observing a double standard on leaks, giving reporters national security information when the information benefits them and vilifying leakers when it doesn't.’
  • ‘What the health of the Republic requires, in other words, may not be a new crop of leakers and whistleblowers, or a fresh young generation of Woodwards and Bernsteins - or even a more independent, aggressive media.’
  • ‘‘I have no idea whether we'll find out who the leaker is, partially because, in all due respect to your profession, you do a very good job of protecting the leakers,’ he said.’
  • ‘This - this creepy silence - will be the consequence of dusting off rarely used statutes to still the tongues of leakers and intimidate the press in its pursuit of truth, fame and choice restaurant tables.’
  • ‘At the same time, despite the fact that the leakers are presumably privy to some or all of the grand jury testimony so far, they're either unable or unwilling to provide any genuinely juicy leaks.’