Significado de lean towards en en Inglés

lean towards

(also lean to)

verbo frasal

  • lean towards somethingIncline or be partial to a view or position.

    ‘I now lean towards sabotage as the cause of the crash’
    • ‘scholars are leaning to the view that it was composed by someone else’
    • ‘However, another side of the band leans to the more melodic and powerful, wall-of-sound approach.’
    • ‘He offered a softer edge to policy and pronouncements; he deliberately leant towards the centre.’
    • ‘For a site targeting males, use guitars, bass and brass because they lean towards band instruments and sounds.’
    • ‘He said his politics are ‘independent, leaning to libertarian.’’
    • ‘So that still leaves us looking for a country that leans towards coins yet has coins of increasing size with value.’
    tend, incline, gravitate, have a tendency