Meaning of leap of faith in English:

leap of faith


  • An act of believing in or attempting something whose existence or outcome cannot be proved or known.

    ‘anyone investing in new media today has to make a leap of faith’
    • ‘taking a leap of faith is something every entrepreneur must do’
    • ‘to uproot these children now requires a leap of faith’
    • ‘Policy differences apart, the appointment was always going to be a leap of faith for both men.’
    • ‘Which brings me to an important realisation: some cosmetic treatments involve a leap of faith.’
    • ‘To be a successful stock market investor, you need to take a leap of faith.’
    • ‘Some aspects of the plan require real leaps of faith.’
    • ‘Most of the measures his speech announces involve huge leaps of faith.’
    • ‘Every patient who enters the OR is making a leap of faith.’
    • ‘Signing up with a young technology company need not be a leap of faith.’
    • ‘Getting a client to embrace a new logo usually requires a huge leap of faith.’
    • ‘Any building project becomes a daunting task requiring a certain leap of faith to go beyond the planning stage.’
    • ‘Such assertions represent a "big leap of faith" on the chancellor's part, the Financial Times warned on Thursday.’
    • ‘With a leap of faith he gave up newspaper advertising.’
    • ‘To start bowling again on his reconstructed leg must have required a giant leap of faith.’
    • ‘Perhaps it is time for the Scottish business community to make a similar leap of faith.’
    • ‘A significant change in direction in the middle of one of the worst technology slumps in history needed a leap of faith.’
    • ‘Taking a leap of faith is something every entrepreneur must do at some point or another.’
    • ‘Stock investors took a new leap of faith today, sending the Dow Jones industrials up about 400 points at the closing bell only minutes ago.’
    • ‘It is a huge vote of confidence for Lord Of The Rings which was one of the biggest leaps of faith in cinema history.’
    • ‘Biotech research is at once so complex and so specialized that making decisions often means taking a leap of faith.’
    • ‘Anyone investing in new media has to make a leap of faith.’
    • ‘Two years ago, Smith gave up a good job, the only job he had ever had, and took a leap of faith.’


Mid 19th century translation of medieval Latin saltus fidei.