Meaning of leap to the eye in English:

leap to the eye


  • (especially of writing) be immediately apparent.

    ‘the word immediately leapt to the eye’
    • ‘The first thing that leaps to the eye from the Convention is the historical moment in which it was signed.’
    • ‘This makes the details leap to the eye and I'm looking forward to getting the base colors on.’
    • ‘This context of no context makes anything leap to the eye, as if its identity shines out of it.’
    • ‘The line of Joseph's paper, which is written in French, leaps to the eye of any French illiterate instantly.’
    • ‘The first thing that leaps to the eye is word selection which, in places, is very far from the academic standards.’
    • ‘This construction is a bold undertaking; its necessity leaps to the eye as soon as you look at a European road map.’
    • ‘Even if one were to desist from reading too deeply between the frames, one conclusion leaps to the eye.’
    • ‘As I worked through the spreadsheet, I realized that many problems that were nearly invisible in verbal formulations leapt to the eye when I had to work the numbers.’
    • ‘They did not leap to the eye and arrest the pedestrian's progress.’
    • ‘When the hunt is up and the quarry is in sight, the most unsuspected evidence leaps to the eye.’