Meaning of learner's dictionary in English:

learner's dictionary


  • A dictionary designed for the use of foreign students.

    ‘As we shall see later, all learner's dictionaries guide you to choose appropriate words or meanings in particular situations.’
    • ‘It is not surprising then that bilingual dictionaries and monolingual learner's dictionaries provide considerably more grammatical help than monolingual dictionaries for native speakers.’
    • ‘These developments motivated us to create an English database dedicated as the core for learner's dictionaries for people studying or using English at the beginner-to-intermediate levels.’
    • ‘Like the other learner's dictionaries here, this one has useful illustrated topical pages and appendices on subjects such as time, dates and numbers.’
    • ‘Of course in certain learner's dictionaries there is a huge amount of very good information about differences in lexis and pronunciation but it is, for the most part, scattered throughout all the entries and so impossible to survey all at once.’
    • ‘English Japanese dictionaries, learner's dictionaries, dictionaries for children and Japanese language dictionaries are not for English speaking English language teachers and researchers, but for Japanese speakers.’
    • ‘Non-native speaker children have to rely on the picture (and the definition, if there is one) to explain the word meaning, so pictures in young learner's dictionaries should be labelled more clearly, and there should be more help with word forms and word use.’
    • ‘We have found that direct rating of difficulty by a user is the most promising, and that character-based features allow for better evaluation than word-based ones, all of which bodes well for user-tailored learner's dictionaries.’