Meaning of leather-like in English:



  • Resembling leather in texture or appearance.

    ‘leather-like skin’
    • ‘tough leather-like belts’
    • ‘In short, the skin can take on a coarse and leather-like appearance.’
    • ‘A nineteenth-century traveller described it as 'thin, black, leather-like pieces of meat dried and browned in the sun, and with salt and squashed flies'.’
    • ‘I especially like the luxurious material on the seats, and the charcoal suede-effect material continued on the doors - set off with a perforated leather-like material on the door handles.’
    • ‘Closest to home are the 'Bog Mummies' of north-western Europe, discovered in peat bogs where the acidic environment has preserved their soft tissue and produced a dark brown leather-like appearance.’
    • ‘If you do a little bit of comparison shopping online, you will find fabric and leather-like bags for under 50 dollars, and quality leather for under a hundred.’
    • ‘His hands gripped against the plastic leather-like steering wheel, feeling the cold beneath his chilled hands.’
    • ‘I really like resting my palms on the integrated leather-like palm rests.’
    • ‘The tough thick hide was cut up and parboiled, the coarse hair was then scraped off with a knife, and the leather-like substance replaced in the pot and stewed until it became like the inside of a carpenter's glue-pot, both to the taste and to the smell.’
    • ‘The striking photographs are rich with details: the leather-like textures of skin, drips of sweat, patterns of scarification, piercing, mud and body paint, and elaborate decorative body art.’