Meaning of leathery in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɛð(ə)ri/

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  • Having a tough, hard texture like leather.

    ‘brown, leathery skin’
    • ‘The leathery sheet object is excellent in water repellency and water resistance in sections formed by cutting.’
    • ‘At baseline and at 1 month, the lesions were clinically assessed as soft, leathery or hard.’
    • ‘An is quite common and presents as a symmetric brown-black thickening of the skin that gradually becomes leathery or velvety in appearance.’
    • ‘This helps to explain why skin often looks and feels more leathery as we age.’
    • ‘The adult shell is covered by a thick, smooth, leathery skin.’
    • ‘Once your plant has gotten to the point of being limp, leathery, and wrinkled, reviving the plant is usually a long process and often unsuccessful.’
    rough, rugged, wrinkled, wrinkly, furrowed, lined, wizened, weather-beaten, callous, hard, hardened, thickened, gnarled, leather-like
    tough, hard, hardened, fibrous, gristly, chewy, sinewy, stringy, leather-like
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