Meaning of leave one's mark in English:

leave one's mark

(also leave a mark)


  • Have a lasting or significant effect.

    ‘he left his mark on English football’
    • ‘He penned pamphlets of protest, left his mark on Philadelphia's most significant free black institutions, and produced a moving spiritual autobiography.’
    • ‘Not all of us will get to do that, but you can with the self-assurance that you have indeed left your mark.’
    • ‘Today's Indian cuisine is certainly not exactly what it was thousands of years ago as invasions, migrations and travel have left their mark on the sub-continent.’
    • ‘We must never forget the day when the terrorists left their mark of murder on our nation.’
    • ‘It wasn't a game for cowards, as some bone-crunching hits, and a mass brawl in a bad-tempered first-half, left their mark physically on both sets of players.’
    • ‘Here are the three affairs that truly left their mark in history.’
    • ‘Incursions into the country, successively by the Persians, Byzantines, Mongols and Turks are all said to have left their mark on the cuisine.’
    • ‘During the Cold War, it was the Russians who left their mark.’
    • ‘Few people have so left their mark upon the world.’
    • ‘The riots of a year ago, have however, left their mark.’