Meaning of leave out in English:

leave out

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phrasal verb

  • leave someone or something out, leave out someone or somethingFail to include someone or something.

    ‘it seemed unkind to leave Daisy out, so she was invited too’
    • ‘I left out the fact that the quote is from Benjamin Franklin’
    • ‘Olivia was feeling rather left out’
    • ‘First of all, don't assume that the guys deliberately left you out or tried to make you look bad.’
    • ‘If the flowers are to be smelled along the way, that is a feminine prerogative, and leave us out of it.’
    • ‘There is no reason to leave us out of your tour dates, unless you simply don't want to come.’
    • ‘In all honesty, they probably leave it out for the power reason and to save a few cents on build complexity.’
    • ‘I felt somehow for many years that George Washington and Alexander Hamilton just left me out by mistake.’
    • ‘When I reviewed the first draft of the book, I found that the authors had completely left us out of the story.’
    • ‘Couldn't we have left him out until the next episode and had Dale say - oh I'm engaged.’
    • ‘She tried to join them once, but I think they intentionally left her out, so she came back to sit by me again.’
    • ‘Her neutrality in the First World War left her out of the negotiations concerning the restructuring of Europe.’
    • ‘Also, the wonderkid thing is exaggerated - Argentina left him out of their squad for the recent World Youth Cup.’
    miss out, omit, omit by accident, fail to include, overlook, pass over, neglect to notice, leave unnoticed, forget
    exclude, omit, except, eliminate, drop, count out, disregard, ignore, reject, pass over, neglect, cut out, do away with, bar, debar, keep out