Meaning of leave school in English:

leave school


  • Stop attending school on reaching a certain age or educational stage.

    ‘he left school at 16’
    • ‘She wanted to wait until the children finished school and leave school for the summer.’
    • ‘With American education falling into decay, and each generation leaving school more hopeless than the last, it's good to know New York State isn't bilking its teachers.’
    • ‘I was upset she was leaving school and probably ending her education.’
    • ‘But over 46 million adults lack a high school education, and every year 500,000 students leave school without graduating.’
    • ‘Although she dreamed of becoming a doctor, financial problems forced her to leave school early, and she never received a formal education.’
    • ‘For us, finishing Year 12 means having a higher level of education and a wider range of work options when we leave school.’
    • ‘He admits that real education doesn't start until after you leave school and start working with great artists.’
    • ‘She left school at age 14 with an eighth grade education to work in factories.’
    • ‘After her father died, she left school with the equivalent of a grade 8 education, and went to work.’
    • ‘Up until 1991, most drivers had little education, with many of them leaving school by 15 years of age, serving three years as an apprentice mechanic or clerk before training as a driver.’