Meaning of leave someone or something standing in English:

leave someone or something standing


  • Be much better or make much faster progress than someone or something else.

    ‘in the personal fitness stakes he left her standing’
    • ‘With little time left, Jones passed to Haines who delivered a powerful shot that left the keeper standing.’
    • ‘Actually, in the froideur league, MacBain was left standing by Cate Blanchett, who turned up for about five minutes to open the Australian pavilion.’
    • ‘In the world championship final in Paris she was left standing by a 67-second lap.’
    • ‘Racing from trap five in heat four Top Boe 1/2 left his rivals standing having just shaded Diet 7/1 around the opening turn.’
    • ‘He left his rivals standing early on and whizzed around the circuit to win snugly by a length and a half from Tony Martins Hectors Honcho 3/1 in 29.24.’
    • ‘Racing from trap four he left his rivals standing at the start.’
    • ‘It has established itself as China's top mineral water brand thanks to a marketing campaign that has left multinationals standing in their tracks.’
    • ‘His turn of speed left Worcester standing and he confidently netted the ball to put Hertford through to the final: Hertford 1, Worcester.’
    • ‘As the game swung towards them, Tyrone made the best of it and left Dublin standing.’
    • ‘The 32-year-old South Korean computer programmer invented a software platform for mobile phones so advanced that on at least one occasion it has, quite literally, left the competition standing.’
    surpass, outshine, do better than