Meaning of leaver in English:


Pronunciation /ˈliːvə/


  • 1A person who leaves a place or position.

    ‘much of the increase in unemployment was driven by a surge in job leavers—workers who voluntarily quit’
    • ‘He looks like a recent school leaver en route to his first day at work in a bank.’
    • ‘This led to the conclusion that a proportion of leavers would stay if the number of higher education places was increased.’
    • ‘The staff were delighted with the performance of this year's leavers.’
    • ‘Leavers will be able to transfer preserved benefit to a Personal Retirement Savings Account if they wish.’
    • ‘Leavers are more likely than stayers to receive child support.’
    • ‘Leavers can often still gain access to systems even though they are no longer employed.’
    • ‘At 18, care leavers can claim housing benefit.’
    • ‘Many college leavers and graduates lack the essential employment skills required by employers.’
    • ‘If these increases were available to all early leavers the potential cost would be enormous.’
    • ‘Apart from some late night noise from pub leavers, the location was fabulous.’
    1. 1.1British A person in favour of the United Kingdom withdrawing from the European Union.
      ‘what they have in mind differs from the clean break envisaged by many Leavers’
      • ‘He refused to divulge whether he is a jubilant leaver or a dismayed remainer.’
      • ‘Leavers mistrust remainers, and the feeling is mutual.’
      • ‘They aren't a cohesive bunch - some were leavers, others remainers, and for different reasons.’
      • ‘Leavers and Remainers are as divided now as they were before the referendum.’
      • ‘We need to find a Brexit that brings moderate leavers and moderate remainers together.’
      • ‘She warned that factional in-fighting among leavers could lead to Brexit being abandoned.’
      • ‘How many Leavers do we think will have changed their minds?’
      • ‘The hard Leavers say that Brexit without leaving the customs union is pointless.’
      • ‘I warn ardent leavers that by pressing for hard Brexit or no deal, they risk no Brexit at all.’
      • ‘There are millions of hardcore Leavers out there who actually want this.’