Meaning of leccy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɛki/


mass noun informal British
  • Electricity.

    • ‘they were living in a place with no water and no leccy’
    • ‘the leccy bill’
    • ‘In theory the leccy company should do this for nothing, but I guess there might be a small service charge.’
    • ‘For a long-term squat, it is often worth figuring out the gas because it reduces the leccy bill.’
    • ‘Not knowing there was any leccy on anywhere we didn't leave the van till 9 o'clock.’
    • ‘Me using all the leccy stuff without the engine running had caused it to blow, therefore it couldn't charge the battery up when running.’
    • ‘Check this with the warden before you start plugging things in - tripping the leccy is not a good way to make friends!’