Meaning of lederhosen in English:


Pronunciation /ˈleɪdəˌhəʊz(ə)n/

plural noun

  • Leather shorts with H-shaped braces, traditionally worn by men in Alpine regions such as Bavaria.

    ‘Knee-length lederhosen with no stitching cost $500, machine-stitched $785 and hand-stitched $1,320.’
    • ‘Sporting fluorescent lederhosen and long blond braids, she coos coquettishly about the lump on her wrist while cranking campy 60s garage riffs out of an amped-up keyboard.’
    • ‘Just press the button on the 4-1/2’ long, plastic knockwurst and watch in joyous astonishment as the lederhosen hops around and sings a merry little yodel.’
    • ‘A Munich-based clothing company is hoping its high-tech lederhosen - traditional Bavarian leather shorts with braces - will strike a chord with cutting-edge German yodelers.’
    • ‘In ‘The Radish,’ a trip through a supermarket produce aisle brings about a strange turn of events in which the narrator, after being ‘jostled’ and ‘rammed’ by other shoppers, is separated from his cart and encounters ‘a man dressed in lederhosen and an alpine hat.’’


From German, from Leder ‘leather’ + Hosen ‘trousers’.