Meaning of lee shore in English:

lee shore


  • A shore lying on the leeward side of a ship (and on to which a ship could be blown in foul weather).

    ‘The area can be quite windy at times in summer, but there is rarely a time when a lee shore is not available.’
    • ‘In fact, it now became necessary to think about how to make a landing on this lee shore without having the entire survival effort end in disaster.’
    • ‘Keeping close to the lee shore with John watching out for rocks, we slowly made our way back to base.’
    • ‘As the sun came up, the other single-anchored vessel was sighted at the far side of the bay dragging anchor towards the lee shore.’
    • ‘Peyron and his crew overcame two near flips, waves that put a three-foot crack in the starboard hull, and hurricane-force winds that nearly drove them onto a lee shore near Cape Horn.’