Meaning of leervis in English:


nounplural noun leervis

South African
  • A large greyish marine fish with small scales which give the skin a leathery appearance. It lives in the Mediterranean and around the western and southern coasts of Africa, where it is a popular game fish.

    Lichia amia, family Carangidae

    ‘David has caught a leervis which was tagged in Durban, indicating the distances of the range and movement of such fish.’
    • ‘The Breede River is the Cape's premier fishing estuary and has a history of record catches of spotted grunter, leervis, cob and white steenbras.’
    • ‘After more than an hour's fight, local angler Adriane Domoney managed to land an 18,5kg leervis - also known as a garrick - from the choppy sea near the pier here yesterday.’
    • ‘Local fishermen value this region for its generous yields of leervis.’
    • ‘The most common fish caught in the area are steenbras, grunter and leervis.’



/ˈlɪəvɪs/ /ˈlɪəfɪs/


Mid 19th century from Afrikaans, from Dutch leer ‘leather’ + vis ‘fish’.