Meaning of left-brained in English:



  • Having the left part of the brain as the dominant or more efficient part.

    ‘Let me put it into words for the more left-brained among us.’
    • ‘Andrew McLean is a shaggy-haired, left-brained industrial designer whose inventions are revolutionizing the world of adventure skiing.’
    • ‘That these highly rational, utterly left-brained executives are delving into their pasts illustrates a new strain of organizational therapy coursing through the inner sanctums of corporate power.’
    • ‘Those viewers of the more left-brained sort that experience love in a more pragmatic form most likely don't relate to that.’
    • ‘‘Everything points to people having one side that is more active than the other, but it may not be as clear cut as simply saying someone is left-brained or right-brained,’ he added.’
    • ‘If you're more of a left-brained person, who likes deductive reasoning and logic, you're more likely to do better investing in stocks with a 10-year history, which comes with all kinds of financial data to process.’