Meaning of left-leaning in English:



  • Sympathetic to or tending towards the left in politics.

    ‘a left-leaning professor’
    • ‘He joined the left-leaning Group Theatre as an actor and assistant stage manager.’
    • ‘Is that a major reason why Canada's politics are more left-leaning than America's?’
    • ‘I'm pretty sure that's what it means to be left-leaning in the U.S., for most of us.’
    • ‘That is the way Paul Swain sold it to the other 47 members of his left-leaning Government.’
    • ‘I asked him why he thought left-leaning politicians were being elected across the continent.’
    • ‘Several of his films are simply unforgettable, and all of them make clear his left-leaning politics.’
    • ‘West Berlin, Kornblum explained, was the most left-leaning of all West German cities.’
    • ‘Your politics are left-leaning, and your lifestyle choices decidedly temperate and chaste.’
    • ‘The problem for the left-leaning groups was in their implementation.’
    • ‘Some of the most left-leaning Governments in Europe have toll roads.’
    • ‘This enabled the left-leaning members of the Democrats to have a voice and they donated millions of dollars to his campaign.’
    • ‘GOP colleagues also were puzzled because Forbes was not necessarily seen as a left-leaning moderate.’
    • ‘He draws on a rich tradition of left-leaning political criticism.’
    • ‘The Church will never accept these arguments but many left-leaning Catholics will, and many more are at least open to them.’
    • ‘The left-leaning and centrist media covered the event widely.’
    • ‘On Tuesday, two left-leaning former prime ministers issued a statement urging the government not to deploy Indian forces.’
    • ‘Clive Hamilton is head of the Australia Institute, a prominent left-leaning think tank.’
    • ‘Unlike Kristol, Manne was drawn again to what he calls ‘the left-leaning intelligentsia’.’
    • ‘We are a melange of various left-leaning groups, religious and cultural groups, unions, mums, sons, dads and daughters.’