Meaning of left-winger in English:


Pronunciation /ˌlɛftˈwɪŋə/

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  • 1A person who supports or belongs to the left-wing, socialist, or progressive section of a political party or system; a socialist or progressive.

    ‘he was an ardent left-winger’
    • ‘Police called up water cannon to combat violent left-wingers in the capital.’
    • ‘Whatever she believed in, a left-winger had to believe the opposite.’
    • ‘Throughout Victoria's reign, refugees poured in, mostly left-wingers.’
    • ‘Brazil's left-wingers blame the energy crisis on privatization.’
    • ‘The liberal former governor was winning the passionate allegiance of the party's left-wingers.’
    • ‘This is the most recent instalment of the veteran British left-winger's journals, covering everything from the rise of New Labour to the war in Afghanistan.’
    • ‘Many right-wing posters make the accusation that left-wingers fabricate their arguments.’
    • ‘The election math indicates one almost certain outcome: the savvy left-winger from Quebec will hold real power.’
    • ‘The bar association is not a bunch of left-wingers or knee-jerk liberals.’
  • 2An attacking player on the left side of a team on the field in soccer, rugby, and field hockey.

    ‘a skilful 26-year-old left-winger’
    • ‘The students re-gained possession 22 metres from the other team's line; the ball was spun, ominously, out to their left-winger.’
    • ‘The team's left-winger admitted he was surprised at the sudden emergence of positive tests against top players.’
    • ‘The home side opened the scoring after eight minutes with an unconverted try from their left-winger.’
    • ‘The pressure told in the 23rd minute when the left-winger opened the scoring with a neat effort.’
    • ‘The Dallas Stars sent their 33-year-old left-winger to the Phoenix Coyotes for a 37-year-old right-winger in an auspicious transaction for the Stars.’
    • ‘"We had a shot," recalls the man who was then a 21-year-old left-winger at the 1964 Olympics.’
    • ‘The team finally got on the scoreboard with only 3:30 left in the period when their third-year left-winger was able to beat the keeper.’
    • ‘A foul led to a free-kick; the team's left-winger spun the ball around the wall but into the keeper's arms.’
    • ‘Following an incisive pass, the left-winger raced clear, committed the keeper, before drilling a left-footer into the corner from a tight angle.’
    • ‘The famous left-winger often hangs out at his sports bar with his hockey-playing pals.’