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left field


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  • 1Baseball
    The part of the outfield to the left of the batter when facing the pitcher.

    ‘a high fly to left field’
    • ‘For a long time, Womack has had a tendency to hit fly balls to left field for easy outs.’
    • ‘Bryce had hit a fly ball to left field and Benji was running home and Bryce running to second.’
    • ‘In the top of the third inning with two outs, the Padres' Gene Richards lofted a fly ball to left field.’
    • ‘It was 250 feet from home plate to left field, but there was a screen about 40 feet high.’
    • ‘Jorge Posada led off the inning with a solo home run to left field.’
  • 2North American informal A surprising or unconventional position or style.

    • ‘seldom do so many witty touches come out of left field’
    • ‘And this is an unthinkable, unspeakable tragedy that, in my opinion, came out of left field.’
    • ‘And that sort of just came out of left field and really blew me away.’
    • ‘But I got such a terrible shock because it just came out of left field.’
    • ‘It just came out of left field, and it enabled me to do something's totally different from scoring a live-action TV series.’
    • ‘There are so many times where the actions of the various characters simply come out of left field.’
    • ‘I think they'll be the playoff team that kind of comes out of left field this year.’
    • ‘When we get to the famous section on the birds, it seems to come out of left field.’
    • ‘So, devastating as the liar claim is, it hardly comes out of left field.’
    • ‘She just keeps prattling away, utterly oblivious to the fact that she's coming out of left field with all this stuff and that I have no clue what she's going on about.’
    • ‘The snappy dialogue is there, but the story is full of huge gaps and campy scenes that come out of left field to up the comedic ante.’
    1. 2.1A position of ignorance, error, or confusion.
      ‘he's way over in left field on these issues’
      • ‘This is but one more example of the consensus view being way out in left field.’
      • ‘When the Congressmen would start asking him questions behind that, he was just completely out in left field.’
      • ‘It's nice to know I'm not out in left field in my thoughts and at the same time incredibly disturbing to see my thoughts reflected by another voice.’
      • ‘I spoke to a couple of players about the 2002 ‘dugout rule’ and they appeared to be as far out in left field as I was.’
      • ‘This time, however, he's really out in left field.’


  • (of artistic work) radical or experimental.

    ‘left-field guitar-based music’
    • ‘You expect quirky, left-field weirdness, whereas what you get is gorgeous songwriting.’
    • ‘Finally, despite the airing of some wonderful left-field stuff, the dearth of jangly African guitar music and reggae was notable.’
    • ‘But perhaps his mellifluous melancholy was always just a tad too left-field, a bit too intense, for mainstream tastes.’
    • ‘‘I took what was supposed to be a useful asset and ended up doing something a bit left-field,’ she said.’
    • ‘In 1998 he thought he would try something left-field for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, a show called Reasons to Be Cheerful.’
    • ‘If you listen to left-field music, you will hear a certain amount of psychedelia, but somehow Tobin uses it in order to promote thoughtful mental exploration.’
    • ‘The current crop of UK writers are turning out some amazing left-field material like The Office, Little Britain and Four Non-Blondes.’
    • ‘Many critics will tell you that Spielberg's first megahit was responsible for the rise of the bloated summer blockbuster and/or the demise of left-field American cinema.’
    • ‘I was left thinking that if this is what counts for radical, dangerous, left-field political film-making in the US then America is in more trouble than I thought.’
    • ‘My Way manages to walk a fine line between full-on commercial sensibility and left-field experimentation and yet somehow pulls off both simultaneously with no compromise on either side.’
    • ‘In short, The Football Factory is a British cousin of ambivalent left-field hits such as La Haine and American History X - and it wallows in a similar depiction of a culture in its death throes.’
    • ‘The Bridge and Song of Stone are impressively left-field works.’
    • ‘Likewise, many of the BBC Local Stations harbour - or have harboured - almost insanely passionate left-field music shows amongst the traffic news and dedications.’
    • ‘Booth's formative years were spent in Calgary where he built up a background in more left-field forms of music.’
    • ‘Ross Campbell is the founder of Open Record, a label dedicated to new left-field South African music.’
    • ‘Sometimes it's like hearing an earnest musical based on an elitist rock critic's dream of left-field rock history, which isn't so funny.’
    • ‘The Lovers didn't make it as far as they have by bowing to hard bitten, cynical rock criticism; they made it by putting on an energetic live show packed with fun songs and a healthy dollop of left-field cover songs.’
    • ‘To listen to the first Pere Ubu record and then realize it was made over 28 years ago is to stand amazed at its complete inventiveness and left-field creativity.’
    • ‘This doesn't mean the end of his left-field style though.’
    • ‘Despite a couple of absolutely classic singles this outfit were always destined to be too left-field for mass-consumption.’
    unusual, irregular, unorthodox, unfamiliar, uncommon, uncustomary, unwonted, rare, out of the ordinary, atypical, singular, distinctive, individual, individualistic, free-spirited, alternative, different