Meaning of left turn in English:

left turn


  • A turn that brings a person's front to face the way their left side did before.

    ‘take a left turn into Cumberland Road’
    • ‘Please refer to the driver's manual in regards in how to make a left turn at a green light.’
    • ‘Ashlei finally pulled the car onto the off ramp and made the left turn towards the mall.’
    • ‘At that point, instead of making a right turn, she made a left turn and covered this up.’
    • ‘If you're going towards the north from Castries take a left turn at the traffic lights.’
    • ‘Respite comes with a sharp left turn onto a flatter section, giving views of Loch Long.’
    • ‘He adds that the traffic police should disallow left turns on some intersections of the road.’
    • ‘Traffic lights were green with a sign indicating that traffic making a left turn should give way.’
    • ‘The car kept its speed, turning off onto a side street and making a hard left turn into a deserted parking lot.’
    • ‘The traffic light was slow to let him take the left turn that was needed to return to the station with his prisoners.’
    • ‘Ms. Mitchell says she entered the intersection for a left turn on a green light behind one or two other cars.’
    • ‘Older people have most accidents making left turns against oncoming traffic.’
    • ‘Austin made the left turn onto Juliet's residential street, taking in the familiarity.’
    • ‘This time the operator was a bit of a maniac, getting mad at the idiots driving their cars in front of the streetcar to make a left turn.’
    • ‘The person at the front of the lane didn't have their signal on, so I passed right along the side of them and took the left turn.’
    • ‘While no right turn on the speedway will be allowed, free left turns will allow unhampered flow of traffic, he said.’
    • ‘He flipped the turn signal on to make a left turn to Veronica's house.’
    • ‘Lindsay learned to make left turns and U turns frequently so as to force the followers to do the same and to expose themselves.’
    • ‘Jean-Denis Viens, 23, was being pulled over for an illegal left turn in Gatineau.’
    • ‘However, to assist traffic flow, only left turns will be allowed.’
    • ‘On a one-way street, I pulled over to the left to make a left turn.’