Meaning of legal aid in English:

legal aid


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mass noun
  • Payment from public funds allowed, in cases of need, to help pay for legal advice or proceedings.

    ‘He indicated to the accused that legal aid was available and that they would call back.’
    • ‘Is there any constraint on the amount of legal aid that is allowed to be accessed?’
    • ‘One common one is that the applicant has applied for legal aid and hasn't qualified.’
    • ‘They made an immediate application for legal aid to apply for an order to suspend any warrant.’
    • ‘We make it clear that we attribute no blame whatever to him for the delay in the decision as to legal aid in his case.’
    • ‘They argued that legal aid was being granted in cases that the claimants had no chance of winning.’
    • ‘The hope was expressed that such a body would be open to all with legal aid available when necessary.’
    • ‘Until legal aid is forthcoming, the Court could order the release of the prisoner on bail.’
    • ‘One is that there has been an increase in legal aid, and that means an increase in the number of litigants.’
    • ‘Mr Wheaton, who is being funded by legal aid to fight the civil claim, denies any wrongdoing.’
    • ‘It held that the merits of the case did not justify the grant of legal aid.’
    • ‘Representation or assistance will not usually be given if the civil servant is given legal aid.’
    • ‘Mr Paba did not have the benefit of legal aid until shortly before his trial.’
    • ‘The claimant, who is now publicly funded, could have obtained legal aid at an earlier stage.’
    • ‘If representation on legal aid is granted, an adjournment will necessarily follow.’
    • ‘But legal aid is statutory and so are the restrictions on recovery of costs from the fund.’
    • ‘Dave Gorman, a third party named in the action by Beva, had his part in the case funded through legal aid.’
    • ‘If an applicant is not in custody then legal aid will not ordinarily be granted without a statement of means.’
    • ‘It is possible that our views may require some amendment to be made to the statutory provisions for legal aid.’
    • ‘She has been granted legal aid to seek a judicial review of the policy.’