Meaning of legalese in English:


Pronunciation /ˌliːɡəˈliːz/

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mass noun informal
  • The formal and technical language of legal documents.

    • ‘the typed pages were full of confusing legalese’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the disclosures are hard to read due to legalese and boilerplate language.’
    • ‘I guarantee it is no less full of scientific mumbo jumbo than a purchase and sale agreement is full of legalese.’
    • ‘The Supreme Court decisions that he attacks are written in difficult, if not impenetrable, legalese.’
    • ‘Not only is the trust agreement filled with legalese, but it can be difficult to learn how a living trust operates and is administered.’
    • ‘The new sentencing guidelines are couched in 624 pages of legalese.’
    • ‘This consultant could provide advice, assistance and help decipher the masses of legalese and hogwash that most laws are wrapped up in.’
    • ‘Stan and the prosecutor slid into legalese and I tuned out.’
    • ‘It seeks to present ideas clearly, concisely, and directly, and to avoid legalese, archaic terms, and repetition.’
    • ‘What do you expect from a document written in legalese?’
    • ‘‘The speech dealt with a topic that called for a lot of academic jargon and legalese,’ says James.’
    • ‘If you have a policy that is 25 pages of single-spaced, dense legalese, people simply will not be able to find the answers that they want.’
    • ‘‘Many people think a submission has to be a weighty document written in legalese,’ said Metiria.’
    • ‘On paper, Bill C - 71 reads like most pieces of government legislation: it's complicated, lengthy, and full of legalese.’
    • ‘‘Consent forms unfortunately tend to be written by university lawyers; they are dense legalese,’ says Sieber.’
    • ‘Trying to reduce 66,000 words of dense legalese on Europe's future to a simple yes or no is not easy, and the Dutch government regards the referendum as a blunt instrument for such an epic decision.’
    • ‘The ordinance isn't in incomprehensible legalese.’
    • ‘The service costs $9.95 but, Kelly said, applicants save money by not hiring a lawyer to translate the form's legalese.’
    • ‘The article is ridiculously long (I'll try to shorten it, but I'm not sure quite what to cut), but I'm told that it's fairly readable - and it's pretty low on legalese.’
    • ‘Besides having financial institutions burying opt-out information in legalese, why must I opt-out of marketing programs every time I call the phone company for service?’
    • ‘They say buyers don't have an adequate understanding of their declaration, which can be an inch-thick stack of legalese from a developer specifying what a condo can be used for, what can be changed about it and much more.’
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