Meaning of legally in English:


Pronunciation /ˈliːɡ(ə)li/

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  • 1In a way that conforms to or is permitted or required by the law.

    ‘the weapons were purchased legally’
    • ‘the terms of the loan are legally binding’
    • ‘In Canada, only law enforcement agencies can legally use signal jammers.’
    • ‘The most common legal issue associated with verbal leases is how a lease may legally be terminated.’
    • ‘Unfit poultry meat can vary from being slightly bruised to containing infections or abscesses, which is legally not even fit for pet food.’
    • ‘Whether the couple ever legally divorced also remains unclear.’
    • ‘Property owners can in certain circumstances legally drive across common land to reach their premises.’
    • ‘I was only twenty, not even old enough to legally purchase alcohol.’
    • ‘The Hunts have just three months left to hunt legally.’
    • ‘Many agreements are made without a formal legally binding document.’
    • ‘Marriage is a legally recognized union of two people.’
    • ‘His wife could not legally enter the U.S. at the time.’
  • 2In terms of the law; from a legal viewpoint.

    ‘this case is legally significant’
    • ‘The Committee draws to the attention of the house any issue that it considers politically or legally important or that gives rise to issues of public policy.’
    • ‘A common-law spouse has next-of-kin entitlement (important legally, medically and psychiatrically).’
    • ‘However popular digital documents are, we still trust the most valuable, legally significant information to paper.’
    • ‘It is ethically and legally essential to acquire the permission of individual local communities on whose lands these species are found before they can be collected.’
    • ‘Little was gained legally from this demonstration, but it did succeed in drawing attention to the sheep producers ' plight.’
    • ‘We have analysed the measures in great detail, and legally speaking, this seems a clear-cut case.’
    • ‘The detective is hired by a young woman, legally a minor, to find out who murdered her father.’
    • ‘Most whites in America have some black blood due to miscegenation during the slavery era and hence are legally black themselves.’
    • ‘She is about to lose her estate because she is a woman (and hence, 'legally dead').’
    • ‘If a corporation is legally a person, what kind of a person is it?’