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Pronunciation /ˈlɛdʒɪslətɪv/

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  • 1Having the power to make laws.

    Often contrasted with executive

    ‘the country's supreme legislative body’
    • ‘He examines the roles of the judicial and legislative bodies in the U.S. in framing labor markets.’
    • ‘We have no charter defining the scope of the powers of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government.’
    • ‘All government bodies, executive, legislative, and judicial are now subordinate to the government.’
    • ‘That being so, the legislative and judicial institutions of the EU cannot intrude upon those conditions.’
    • ‘In this way the Administration sidestepped both the legislative and judicial branches.’
    • ‘Slovakia is a parliamentary democracy with legislative, judicial, and executive branches.’
    • ‘As long as it stood, it was the supreme court and legislative body in all matters of Torah law.’
    • ‘Power is separated into legislative, executive, and judicial branches.’
    • ‘Then, in October 1905, it was transformed into the supreme legislative and administrative body.’
    • ‘Reference to the government as a legislative body is infrequent and terse.’
    law-making, law-giving, judicial, juridical, jurisdictive, parliamentary, congressional, senatorial, deliberative, governmental, policy-making, administrative
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    1. 1.1Relating to legislation.
      ‘legislative proposals’
      • ‘If the EU Council adopted the legislative proposal of May 18th, it would do so without democratic legitimacy.’
      • ‘MsCoughlan said the next step would be the publication of formal legislative proposals by the Commission.’
      • ‘Blogger Ed Foster mulls over legislative and regulatory proposals on the table.’
      • ‘We also recognize there will be other legislative proposals, and there already are.’
      • ‘And the legislative proposals that followed were not aimed only at Muslims either.’
      • ‘I hope to bring the necessary legislative proposals to the House during the course of the year.’
      • ‘He said the government would consider various factors before submitting legislative proposals.’
      • ‘The new legislative proposal would be counterproductive.’
      • ‘Dieter says the debate prompted legislative proposals for similar changes or studies in about 17 states.’
      • ‘The Brazilian proposal also called for legislative protection for local production of cheaper generic drugs.’
      • ‘As it stands such tactics may fall foul of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, hence Berman's proposal for legislative changes.’
      • ‘The judgment states there are two proposals for legislative action but other means could also be found.’
      • ‘The proposed legislative proposals will do nothing to lessen that perception.’
      • ‘The public reaction, in turn, sparked federal and state legislative proposals and more news stories.’
      • ‘The recommendations of the Royal Commission would have a bearing on any final legislative proposals.’
      • ‘The policy process does not end once agreement has been reached on a legislative proposal.’
      • ‘The reasoning was based on the constitutional separation of legislative and judicial powers.’
      • ‘It includes the methods for choosing the holders of executive, judicial and legislative power.’
      • ‘The Parliament's legislative powers also have grown significantly since the Treaty of Rome.’
      • ‘The second thing is that the Commission is not a court; it is a body exercising delegated legislative power.’
    2. 1.2Relating to a legislature.
      ‘legislative elections’
      • ‘When the pan-blue camp grabbed a victory in the 2004 legislative elections, people were shocked.’
      • ‘Similarly, states are free to experiment with such things in their state legislative elections.’
      • ‘The legislative election will be held on April 5, and new legislators will assume their posts in October.’
      • ‘The country requires four bills as the legal basis for the 2004 legislative and presidential elections.’
      • ‘One person was killed as riot police battled voters in this third and final round of legislative elections.’
      • ‘One of those issues is the organisation of legislative elections.’
      • ‘In 2003, the legislative elections were cancelled due to this intransigence.’
      • ‘The Angolan opposition has repeatedly called for legislative and presidential elections to be held next year.’
      • ‘Their attitude toward the aborted Algerian legislative elections is illustrative.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, the movement is quietly choosing candidates and allies for the legislative elections.’
      • ‘Only a few fake ballot papers were found by the commission ahead of the April 5 legislative election.’
      • ‘This hot new trend of challenging legislative elections is getting out of hand.’
      • ‘But 2007 is also the year when the country will hold legislative and presidential elections.’
      • ‘The seat will be elected for the first time by the people in the April 2004 legislative elections.’
      • ‘Amien said that his party has failed to meet the target to become one of the big three winners in the legislative election.’
      • ‘This is why the French left was more likely to stay home during the legislative elections.’
      • ‘While he has allowed legislative elections since then, he has shown no sign of relinquishing power.’
      • ‘The scope of the law on corroboration has been substantially reduced by recent legislative and judicial reforms.’
      • ‘The trend among democracies over the last few decades has been toward judicial review of legislative as well as executive action.’
      • ‘Since the summer break, each caucus has put forward its own proposals for legislative reform.’