Meaning of legitimately in English:


Pronunciation /lɪˈdʒɪtɪmətli/

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  • 1In a way that conforms to the law or to rules.

    ‘they can prove that the funds were acquired legitimately’
    • ‘all three properties were legitimately acquired’
    • ‘He's now just another schnook trying to make it legitimately.’
    • ‘The funds that were deposited in the unauthorised bank account were legitimately disbursed in operating the schools.’
    • ‘The simple fact is that they are suing the wrong organization if they are legitimately seeking a remedy.’
    • ‘Together, the works reassert Paul's apostolic authority, legitimately mandated to the papacy.’
    • ‘No state can survive unless it is ruled legitimately; that is, by a king by divine right.’
    • ‘Shared leadership may also be perceived more legitimately with appropriate training.’
    • ‘Just this year, they had a legitimately independent film at the festival.’
    • ‘These companies have been legitimately marketing their seed varieties in Eastern Europe since 1996.’
    • ‘Dauphin Charles of Valois was legitimately crowned as King Charles VII of France in Rheims cathedral.’
    • ‘All that money they spent was legitimately theirs.’
  • 2In a way that can be defended with logic or justification; fairly.

    ‘nobody can legitimately argue that he didn't pay his dues’
    • ‘consumers could legitimately claim to have been misled’
    • ‘Once you come out, you can complain all you want, legitimately.’
    • ‘He can claim, legitimately, to be the best in his field … of one.’
    • ‘One might legitimately question the necessity of public performance for elementary-level students.’
    • ‘This is all legitimately interesting stuff - especially seeing the rejected designs for various characters on the show.’
    • ‘The solid cast works hard to lend credibility to their roles and their shared, legitimately scary predicament.’
    • ‘Limit therapeutic antibiotic treatment to those animals that are sick or are legitimately at-risk of becoming sick.’
    • ‘Is the actor legitimately worth $10-15 million a movie?’
    • ‘I'm already trying to figure out if I can legitimately skip this meeting.’
    • ‘Brilliance can legitimately be used to describe a quality of colour which combines saturation and brightness.’
    • ‘There are two guys who can legitimately say that they were fifth Beatles.’
  • 3 informal as submodifier Truly; genuinely.

    • ‘there are tons of legitimately terrible movies’
    • ‘We legitimately laid awake for multiple hours on Wednesday night trying to figure them out.’
    • ‘There was a split-second where I legitimately felt that that was the end of my life.’
    • ‘I legitimately want to print this photo out just because it's so iconic.’
    • ‘They have yet to legitimately embarrass themselves this year.’
    • ‘It helps that he legitimately looks like a badass in his fight scene.’
    • ‘There's so much going on in this photo that I'm legitimately terrified I'll never be able to fully commit it to sense memory.’
    • ‘The movie is legitimately hilarious and heart-warming.’
    • ‘ I was legitimately happy for him.’
    • ‘She is a legitimately bad human being.’
    • ‘He's a legitimately great actor.’
    really, absolutely, simply, utterly, totally, beyond, perfectly, thoroughly, positively, completely